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Challenger World Tours is an industry leading operator of exclusive, custom created soccer tours to Great Britain, Brazil, Europe, and the USA; our staff provide you with everything you will need to make your trip “The Experience of a Lifetime.”

Step 1. Make An Enquiry

Whether you already have your perfect tour itinerary planned, or would like some inspiration get in touch and we can help you plan your once in a lifetime soccer experience.

Step 2. Build Your Itinerary

Our knowledgeable staff will help you build your itinerary. Choose from a range of amazing destinations, incredible soccer events, and state of the art training locations.

Step 3. We Do the Rest

We will make all of the relevant arrangements. Book accommodation, flight, venues and events. All you need to do is sit back and relax and enjoy yourselves. GET STARTED!


The Home of Football.

cwt2014_-england-kc-metro-dynamos-at-big-benWhere it all began, the birthplace of football. Set in England, this tour combines visiting the local historical and cultural sites with a friendly playing environment for traveling teams. You will experience the real passion for the game as you partake in professional run training sessions held by highly acclaimed English coaches, test your new skills against local teams of similar ability, visit stadiums and watch your heroes play as you attend a live professional game.


Barcelona to Madrid.
cwt2014_-spain-espanyolAt this moment in time, we are blessed to see two of the best ever players grace the game, competing at the same time, in the same league, and at the top of their games. This tour commences with four days in Barcelona before traveling to Madrid for another four days in the Spanish capital. Throughout both Barcelona and Madrid players will train with top licensed coaches, play competitive games versus local teams and create ever lasting memories as they visit the famous stadiums of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, home to Messi and
Ronaldo. On top of this travelers will experience all the
sites through bike rides, cruises and bus tour.


Joga Bonito.
cwt2014_-brazil-brazil-1Undoubtedly one of the worlds greatest soccer nations. This 10-day tour will combine superb soccer experiences with the unique culture and carnival atmosphere that is Brazil. Our Brazilian Tour emphasizes unrivaled soccer training with superb playing experiences. During your tour, you will play games, partake in training sessions, attend a live professional soccer game and spend time in Brazil sightseeing and be amazed by this wonderful culture.

Challenger World Tours is an industry leading operator of exclusive, custom created soccer tours to England, Spain, and Brazil!

cwt2015-england-vs-airbus-uk-4Challenger World Tour commits 100% to provide a lifetime travel experience to all our participants and we give you the opportunity of an exclusive soccer tour hand-made by you with the help of our experienced staff. You choose the destination and type of tour and one of our soccer tour experts will help you design the trip of your life!

Tell us when you would like to go, how many games you would like to play, and how many days you would like to stay. We will customize a schedule exclusively for your team during the dates you select.

Tours start at $1490 per person for a 10 day Tour!

Play Games: Tell us how many games you want and we will schedule you to play similarly skilled teams featuring either the future stars of the game or players from local club teams.

Training Sessions: Depending on the goals of your trip, players can experience a week in the life of a professional soccer player or if preferred a more relaxed family style vacation with soccer excursions!

Professional Games: Feel the passion and excitement as your attend live top flight games. Learn the chants, see your heroes in action and see what makes soccer the world’s beautiful game!Training Sessions:

Stadium Tours: Get an in-depth behind the scenes look at world famous stadiums. Visit the changing rooms, sit in the famous stands, give a press conference and walk out the player’s tunnel to the field.

Accommodations: Choice of accommodation ranging from College Dorms to 3* and 4* hotels. All accommodation includes half board services (Breakfast and Dinner).

Your team will have exclusive use of an air-conditioned travel bus during the entire length of your stay. A full-time driver will transport your team to all games, practices, and sightseeing trips.

FREE Fundraiser: Upon registration, each group is issued with RAFFLE TICKETS sent to the tour manager. These tickets can be sold with the individual keeping 100% of the proceeds. For more information click here.

Travel Director: A full-time travel director will accompany your team from the moment you arrive at the airport until you depart the country.

Individual Player Packages

Challenger World Tours offer multiple unique Tours that are custom made for individuals or small groups of friends and teammates to travel abroad to enhance their soccer skills. Our Individual Player Tours offer different playing and training environments combined with cultural, historical and sightseeing opportunities!

Ranging from our Residential Program with Southampton FC, Glasgow Rangers FC to our Soccer Plus Tour with Tony DiCicco (former World Cup Winning Coach), Individual Training in Brazil, Training we have the package to suit your needs!

Individual programs are customized to meet your needs. Programs available from 1 week to 1 year. Contact us now, let us know your needs and we will customize a program for you with one of our Club Academy Partners.

Challenger World Tours is an industry leading operator of exclusive, custom created soccer tours to England, Spain and Brazil!

Challenger World Tours are entirely committed to providing a lifetime travel experience to all our participants and we give you the opportunity of an exclusive soccer tour hand-made by you with the help of our experienced staff.

We can organize your team’s participation in the best International Youth Soccer Tournaments around the World. From the Olympic-style Opening Ceremonies to the intensity of competing in International soccer matches your players will have a chance to fulfill a dream and represent your club and country in the Worlds largest youth tournaments.

In conjunction with each event, Challenger World Tours organize professional training sessions, stadium tours, live professional soccer matches and superb sightseeing throughout each tour.

gothia-cupThe Gothia Cup is for Elite boys and girls teams U12 – U18.
The Gothia Cup is International Football. Winning the Gothia Cup is of course great but for many it is even greater just to participate. The Gothia Cup has through football created a melting pot of international players. With 80% of games played between teams from different nations there really is an international flavor to this event. With over 40,000 participants this is the Worlds Largest Youth Tournament!

nottingham-cupThe Nottingham International Cup is for all boys and girls teams.
Based in England your tour combines a day at Manchester’s’ top clubs including a training session and stadium tour, a sightseeing tour of London, attend a live professional game and of course the once in a lifetime opportunity play and represent the USA at the Keele International Cup (now the largest most prestigious tournament in the UK) against some of the top players and teams from around the world!

Dana-cupThe Dana Cup is for Elite Boys and Girls Teams U12 – U18.
The Dana Cup is one of Europe’s premier tournaments that takes place every summer in Hjørring, in the very north of Denmark. During the years the Dana Cup has hosted over half a million participants from all continents of the world! Each summer Hjørring is visited by over 850 girls and boys teams from 45 different nations. This international atmosphere makes the tournament a great multicultural event where Hjørring shows its’ very best side.

Free Raffle Fundraiser

Challenger World Tours are fully committed to making your trip a truly memorable and affordable travel experience for everyone interested in traveling on one of our Soccer Tours.

With this, we are pleased to announce our Free Fundraising Program that will assist all your players, teams and coaches the opportunity to cover the entire cost of their trip with no expense!

Upon registration, each group is initially issued with 2,500 RAFFLE TICKETS sent to the groups official Tour Contact for the team. These can then be distributed evenly amongst the group or by demand to each traveler. We recommend each ticket is sold for a donation of $10 a ticket.

Any money raised from donations for the raffle tickets will contribute towards the value of the individuals trip with each individual keeping 100% of the proceeds.

If any group or individual requires additional tickets these can be provided on proof that the original allotment has been fully sold. The only proof we can take is by returning all the “sold” ticket stubs. All ticket stubs are to be collected by the official tour manager of that team and returned to Challenger World Tours no later than August 1st, 2017.

All stubs will then be entered into the Live Grand Prize Draw held on September 1st, 2017 or following our last tour of the year and will be recorded and put on our website. Check out the terms and conditions below as well as more ideas to fundraise!

Fundraising Ideas
More Fundraising Ideas
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- This is a 4-man combination that results in a shot on goal. -
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- Player “D” collects the ball and lays it off to an oncoming Player “A” who then has a shot on goal.
- Player “C” should make a supporting run in case of any rebounds from the shot.
- Once there is a shot or goal, the same sequence is repeated coming the other way by the opposite team.

Coaching Points
- Everything should be played at game speed.
- Passes must be accurate, to feet, and with good pace. -
Encourage good communication and make sure the final shot is on target.
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