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TinyTykes Preschool Soccer

Child Development Through Fundamental Soccer

Challenger’s innovative pre-school soccer program previously named MiniKickers, is now TinyTykes!

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TinyTykes will feature the exact same interactive and creative learning experience – just with a different name. Each year Challenger’s soccer experts and child development professionals update our curriculum and rework our themes and marketing material. We are now excited to introduce your child to TinyTykes and look forward to helping them discover fundamental soccer skills, as well as helping them develop their motor, social, and psychological skills through our highly regarded program of games, activities, stories, and music.

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Lenny The LionTinyTykes is a NEW and EXCITING PROGRAM focusing on the development of children aged 2 – 5 years old.  Our soccer experts and child development professionals have designed an innovative curriculum that introduces your young soccer stars to the basic skills needed in soccer as well as developing their motor, social, and psychological skills.

Our International coaches are experts at working with young children and will combine soccer with fun games; stories and music that keeps your children entertained and enthused to return next week. Come join our CUBS AND LIONS PROGRAM and join LENNY THE LION as you learn our Tiny Tykes theme song!

Our Tiny Tykes program will bring numerous benefits to both the host organization and of course the children participating in the program. A few of our program highlights are listed below:

  • Qualified Professional British Coaches (Ratio 1:10) with an abundance of experience working with young children and the knowledge of how to make it fun!
  • Innovative curriculum designed by education professionals and child psychologists that focus on the key factors of child development
  • The inclusion of music within the curriculum positively impacts motor skill development, concentration and coordination
  • Player package that includes:
    • Full custom designed Tiny Tykes Uniform (Shirt and Shorts)
    • Tiny Tykes size 3 ball
    • Kicker stickers awarded after each session
    • Graduation certificate after level completion
Our Tiny Tykes program is available to players aged 2-5yrs. The curriculum has been created to promote and enhance the key areas of child development with a major focus on fun!! The program is broken down into two modules relating to a child’s age:

I     Cubs Module: ages 2-3yrs     I     Lions Module: ages 4-5yrs     I

Both modules aim to use soccer as a medium for children to develop their balance, agility, coordination, color recognition and numerical learning, along with increasing their confidence and social skills. We understand the importance of goal setting so have therefore designed progressive levels within each module based on attendance. There are 4 levels within both the Cubs and Lions modules, with each level involving the completion of 6 sessions/classes:

I  Level 1 – Bronze  I  Level 2 – Silver  I  Level 3 – Gold  I  Level 4 – Platinum  I

At the conclusion of every session each child receives a “Kicker Sticker” as acknowledgement of attendance, with a graduation certificate presented to each child at the final session of the level.


LEVEL 1Ball ControlTeam Play
LEVEL 2DribblingAttacking Moves
LEVEL 3TurningShooting
LEVEL 4PassingMulti-skill recap

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To The Staff of Challenger Sports,

I am a parent to 3 year old twin boys. Last spring and this past fall they participated in the Tiny Tykes program at their daycare, Discovery Point – Roswell with Coach Scott Hambleton. I just wanted to let y’all know how much we love the program and how amazing Coach Scott is with the kids.

Being a parent of twins is challenging, and finding activities that both boys not only enjoy, but thrive in is difficult. We tried many different activities before falling in love with TinyTykes. Because of the program, their gross motor skills have improved dramatically. We have also noticed a difference in their coordination, which is an area they have struggled with due to being premature at birth. Aside from their physical development, their independence and confidence have skyrocketed!

My boys ask me almost everyday, “when does Coach Scott come back? When is more soccer?”. Scott built such a rapport with all of the kids. He learned their individual personalities and tailored games and activities to their personalities. It is obvious that he not only loves soccer, but also that he loves working with kids and has a great understanding of early childhood development.

We are looking forward to another season of MiniKickers in the spring!

We have spent time studying the Youth Development pathways at Professional Soccer clubs throughout the UK, Europe and South America and in using this as a basis our soccer coaches and youth development experts have designed a curriculum that focuses on the key phases of soccer development.

Our Philosophy incorporates what we are all about. Our goal as a company is to offer players, teams and coaches the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. We feel that these three major concepts can be used to aid the development of each from early beginning stages through to serious competitive players and coaches.

Play SoccerTrain for SoccerCompete in Soccer

The best teacher of the game is the game itself. Our Academy Staff create environments which encourage, creativity, experimentation, enjoyment, fun, a quality learning experience and a love for the game.

This area of development is aimed at players from the ages of 2 through 5 who are new to the game of soccer and formulating the building blocks along with a love and passion for the game.

Our Academy Staff train your players technically and tactically over the course of the season, implementing professional training sessions developing their skills and preparing them for future challenges and competition.

This area of development is aimed at players from 6 through 14 and its focus is based on high quality coaching sessions offering and working towards a technical proficiency and a desire to improve.

Our Academy Staff will develop your players current levels from a technical, tactical, physiological and psychological standpoint as your teams improve to compete at State, Regional and even National Levels!

This is the pinnacle of our philosophy and is aimed at challenging players aged from 15 through 19 to be the best that they can be and preparing the players for college and further playing experiences.

Through our extensive coaching network in NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE & SOUTH AMERICA, thousands of coaches apply to work for Challenger Sports. All applicants then go through a detailed Recruitment Process including interviews, coaching sessions, personality tests and background checks before they are selected to work on our British Soccer Camps, TetraBrazil Camps and based on their performance evaluations ONLY THE BEST are selected to work in the CHALLENGER SOCCER ACADEMY.


  • Our staff are professionally trained to provide a magical learning experience for your child. In addition to being specifically prepared to work with this age and ability level, our staff are up to date with the current First Aid procedures, Child Safety / Safe Haven courses, Nutritional Guidelines and Injury Prevention.


  • Learn from our staff who live and breathe the game. Many of our staff have played the game from grass roots up to the professional levels and have over twenty years experience playing and coaching!


  • Not only are our staff top soccer coaches but we also evaluate our coaches abilities to be a leader and a role model to the children they coach. Each of our coaches must complete an in-depth personality test before any employment in your community.


  • All our staff are further educated in our Challenger’s Academy Coaching Curriculum and will also receive on-going training and evaluation throughout their time over here.


  • Throughout the recruitment process our staff go through in depth assessments, background checks, and VISA Processing to guarantee we select ONLY THE BEST!

See what everyone is saying about our Staff!

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TinyTykes Preschool Soccer

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This Weeks Facility Focus comes to from The Goddard School introduced TinyTykes to their school kids in fall 2016. Excitingly, 2017 will see more TinyTykes sessions and their first British Summer Soccer Camp in June.

Challenger Sports run soccer programs with many Goddard Schools around the Denver metro area throughout the spring, summer and fall, to provide TinyTykes sessions and summer camps to hundreds of kids.

"We have built a great relationship with the Goddard Schools over the past few years, and we are very grateful for the schools allowing us to use their excellent facilities to provide the Goddard School kids with the exciting opportunity to learn and develop their soccer skills with our British coaches throughout the seasons. We look forward to working with the Goddard Schools again for another successful year in 2017" Gianluca Horsfall, Regional Business Manager, CO, NM, WY, UT.
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This Weeks Focus come to you from Columbus Recreation Department WI.

We have been running Tiny Tykes programs with Columbus Park & Rec for 4years and there has been a steady increase in the number of children who participate in the program and everyone cannot wait for the next program to start soon!!!

"Coaching youth soccer can be so much fun if you have the 3 P's! Passion, Preparation and Progression. Challenger Sports has all three. Your little one will enjoy the lessons brought forward to teach the whole game of soccer!" Amy Jo Meyers - Recreation Director Columbus Recreation Department.
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