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TetraBrazil provides players with authentic Brazilian FUTSAL training right in their own community. Our FUTSAL Training curriculum has been designed by our professional coaches to provide teams, coaches and players with the same expert level of training received by youth clubs in Brazil.

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Accelerated Learning – ‘60 Possessions per Player’In a 30 minute Futsal match, a field player on a team using a dynamic system of play will touch the ball once every 29.5 seconds.

That is just over 60 possessions per player per match if the player plays the entire match. This compares to only 30 to 40 possessions per player in a full 90 minute outdoor soccer match (number varies by position and the style of soccer the team plays). The majority of possessions in Futsal are quick 1 or 2 touch combinations with teammates. In Futsal, players who put their head down and try three or more touch combinations usually find themselves double teamed and losing the ball. The game rewards players who keep their head up, control the ball, support their teammates and use one and two touch combination plays to work with teammates.

The benefit to a Soccer player, of playing Futsal matches under the pressure of restricted time, space and pressure, is an improvement in: The Benefits – Faster Speed of Play

  • Speed of locomotion (speed of sprint)
  • Speed of action/reaction with the ball
  • Speed of action/reaction without the ball
  • Speed of decision-making
  • Speed of anticipation
  • Speed of perceptional and visual processing
  • Speed of performing soccer specific skills
  • Speed in changing directions
  • Speed at which feints can be performed
  • Speed at which defense is played
  • Speed of fast breaks
  • Speed of transition from attack to defense
  • Speed of transition from defense to attack
  • Speed of goalkeeper’s reactions
  • Speed of team combination play
  • Speed of action converting all other aspects of speed into simply playing faster 
“First and foremost the kids absolutely love it. They get so much repetition of touches with the ball. There are so many attributes to Futsal: constant decision making, ball manipulation under pressure and in tight areas, developing spatial awareness, and the game almost forces the players to give appropriate support to team-mates.”

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