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Challenger Sports are proud to welcome Soccer Office on board as an official partner!

Running a soccer club is a lot of work. They are run by volunteers with huge hearts and sports professionals that want to be on the field. Answering phones, replying to emails and managing a website is not usually things they enjoy doing.

That is just a few of the services that Soccer Office can offer your club, league or organization. Luckily, Soccer Office is not a software company, they will use whatever systems you have or transition them to something that fits your needs. The best part is that they are amazingly affordable with fees that can be set up as a small per player fee. They can handle:

Manage Day to Day Operations and ongoing tasks
Answer your phone with call center technology
Answer your email with a tracking system
Manage your website and registration (doesn’t matter what system)
Manage your social media (post and answer)
Manage Sponsorships
Handle Collections
Other custom solutions

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