Major NCAA recruiting changes

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The NCAA is shaking things up with some major recruiting changes. Effective May 1st, the D1 Council has implemented new rules that will significantly impact players in the 9th and 10th grades. The new rules basically eliminate all forms of communication between a D1 coach and a prospective student-athlete until June 15th leading into their Junior Year.  


While it may be a step in the right direction in helping to curb the negative effects of early recruiting, this rule adds considerable stress to proactive families by shrinking the total recruiting timelines by 2 years.  


With the rule changes, most players will fall behind without a proactive club providing the right tools and education to combat these new obstacles... and with the showcase season right around the corner, it may be worth thinking about how your club can do more for your players through this tough transition.  


Most of the best clubs in the country have already chosen College Fit Finder as the foundation of their College Program... and their players will be well taken care of with all of the new NCAA obstacles.  


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