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Challenger Sports and College Fit Finder, the nation’s preeminent college recruiting technology, have announced their nationwide partnership! College Fit finder will be adding an incredibly valuable recruiting platform to Challenger’s advanced camp program – SOCCERPLUS!

Challenger owners have worked within the US youth club system for over 25 years and as a result have seen at first hand the many challenges that parents, players, and coaches face throughout the whole recruiting experience. With so many different types of schools, so much regulation, and so much competition for places nowadays, high school players need a lot of support and most of all, a very well organized plan to successfully land a soccer scholarship.,”

Exclusive offer for SoccerPlus Campers!

“We believe that College Fit Finder is the #1 recruiting technology on the market and we know that it will provide players with a distinct advantage in their recruiting efforts. We believe in it so much we are going to provide the service FREE OF CHARGE to every camper who attends our SoccerPlus resident or commuter camps!” The regular cost of an annual subscription to College Fit Finder is $360!

College Fit Finder Founder, Greg Allen explains, “We are thrilled to partner with Challenger Sports and SoccerPlus Camps as both organizations are class acts and have been such a staple in the soccer world for over 20 years. We know that the SoccerPlus staff has been prepping players for the college ranks for quite some time, so providing a College Fit Finder account to every player simply for attending a resident or communter camp, again shows the value of what they do for the soccer community. We get the up-close view of the good, the bad, and the ugly of all types of soccer events around the country each year… and there aren’t too many that offer the value of a SoccerPlus Camp. We are really excited to help take the experience for their players to another level!”

In addition to the initial offering, Challenger Sports, SoccerPlus Camps, and College Fit Finder will be collaborating on additional recruiting assets for future camps, tournaments, and events.

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