Challenger Sports Named Official Technology Partners of World Street FC

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The World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA), the governing body for the sport of freestyle football, continues to drive its ambitions of growing awareness and participation on a global scale. Through the work of World Street FC (WSFC), the WFFA membership arm, engagement with freestyle football has increased dramatically with the likes of World Street events and, now thanks to Challenger Sports, propelling freestyle football into the digital arena.

Challenger Sports are thrilled to be on-board as Official Technology Partners with WSFC, furthering engagement through the powerful membership program and providing unparalleled virtual coaching and a community-focused platform for WSFC members. 

“We are delighted to announce our formal partnership with World Street FC, an organization that is shining a light on freestyle football and inspiring athletes and fans across the world,” commented Chris Sharman, Chief Brand Officer and Global Development Director for Challenger Sports. “Our partnership has brought together two organizations devoted to igniting the passion in sports. We are delighted that our technologies, through the use of our App, have aided engagement, connectivity and added-value to the World Street FC community across the globe.” 

Through the TopYa! powered App, Lifestyle and Pro Baller Memberships are available to those of all abilities, from fans and beginners through to professional athletes. Packed with content and features, the App allows players to improve their game and receive virtual coaching feedback in the Skills Academy. In the BattleZone, a series of mini leagues are loaded with the best ballers going head-to-head in an elite e-Freestyle environment, duelling it out in multiple competitive challenges. 

TL-R: Chief Brand Officer and Global Development Director, Chris Sharman; Co-founder and Head of Partnerships, Dan Wood; BL-R: Charly Lancono, Laura Biondo.

Virtual Coaching plays an integral element of developing players at all levels, inspiring the joy of accomplishment as they learn new skills and achieve their goals. Utilizing video-based micro challenges in a gamified app environment, the App drives participation and skill development. The real golden boot is the valuable, personal feedback provided by a human element, by coaches with the right level of expertise giving players meaningful evaluation.

Pro Ballers will also gain access to events, boost their world ranking status and receive exclusive discounts and opportunities. Lifestyle Ballers (beginners/fans) can learn from the best street ballers in the world, enter competitions and receive a wide range of exciting benefits. All these elements amount to members being part of a worldwide digital football club, infused with iconic Ballers from all corners of the globe – and the best part… all you need is a ball.

Co-founder and Head of Partnerships for the WFFA commented, “This partnership is a huge opportunity for World Street FC and the wider WFFA community, to broaden our reach and engagement in a meaningful and impactful manner. Challenger Sports have and will continue to play a significant role in developing our mission of inspiring young people all over the world; empowering them with key life skills through freestyle football.”

Challenger Sports and World Street FC join forces to promote freestyle street football.

As a registered charity, WSFC are committed to creating inclusive opportunities and opening access to the sport. Funds raised through the WSFC App will be used to invest in projects around the world which use football to inspire, motivate and provide additional skills for young people and communities.

Check out more about World Street FC. Download the World Street FC App by searching in the app store, and become a member today.

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