Challenger Sports Launches 2020 Camps

For over 30 years, Challenger Sports have been delivering exceptional soccer summer camps across North America. We have earned our status as the leading game changers in sports youth education, and our reputation as North America’s leading soccer camp company remains as strong as ever.

This year we are proud to launch our suite of summer soccer camps, tailored to suit the player’s needs and match their level of engagement and skill. With innovative delivery using our interactive app technology, we are able to support budding soccer enthusiasts and players with their training and coaching all year round – both on and off the pitch.

  1. International Soccer Camps
  2. Next Level Training
  3. Next Level Skills Combine
  4. TinyTykes
  5. GK ICON Goalkeeper Camps

We provide soccer players with quality, inclusive and fun summer camps designed to enhance both their soft and hard skills; from footwork, stamina, vision and balance to self-control, effort, and teamwork.

In addition to helping develop children’s’ soccer skills, confidence, and understanding of the game, we encourage children to become independent learners and help them to develop socially; to better understand the meaning of respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship, and leadership. Our innovative curriculum engages, educates, and entertains the young people who sign up with us. Each of our camp programs includes free gifts that vary from soccer balls, t-shirts, posters, game jerseys to name a few! What’s more, all Challenger Sports campers in 2020 will be given a sampler of our TopYa! Juggling Club, which includes hand-picked levels for them to try in our interactive app.

Our professionally staffed soccer camps motivate, inspire and develop young people and the athletes of tomorrow; not only for summer but for life! We recruit and train talented and enthusiastic coaches from Europe, South America, and North America and all our staff are assessed on the field in a practical coaching setting and through a formal interview. They also undergo a thorough background, reference, and VISA checks as part of the selection process so you are safe in the knowledge that your children are receiving the best in coaching and care.

Derek Shoare, Senior Vice-President at Challenger Sports, responsible for the delivery and management of 2,200 camps expecting to reach over 60,0000 children across the US and Canada commented: “At Challenger Sports, we are not only passionate about inspiring young athletes, we are also immensely driven in promoting positive sport experiences for all young people. It is part of Challenger Sports’ vision to instill a belief in the benefits of an active lifestyle, and encourage a lifelong enjoyment of sport and physical activity in all our stakeholders; from parents and caregivers to clubs and coaches, to the young people themselves. Our popular soccer camps are just one of the ways we provide  memorable, rewarding and enjoyable moments.”

1. International Soccer Camp

We are excited to bring back our most popular camp offering to your communities this summer! With our experienced coaches from multiple locations around the globe, our goal is to create an environment where your child will not only have fun and make new friends, they will also improve their skills on the field! 

Our International Soccer Camp offering is best suited for players between the ages of 5 to 16, who are looking to have fun, to learn about the beautiful game of soccer, and develop their skills on the field and off the field.

Challenger Tip: If you are looking for a camp with more competitive players, be sure to check out our Challenger Next Level Training program!

The International Camp curriculum reflects the truly global nature of the sport today and provides young players with a wide variety of coaching styles, practices, and influences that will help them develop a well-rounded skill-set. We have taken the best coaching methodologies and practices from England, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, and France, and have merged them together to provide the true international soccer experience for youth soccer players.

We offer multiple time frames for camps so you can choose whatever camp offering fits your needs. Come to a half-day program that is 3 hours per day or if you just can’t get enough, attend a full-day program that is 6 hours a day!

Register in January and Save $10

2. Next Level Soccer Training

Next Level Training

Soccer at all levels is being played at a greater speed. New demands are being placed on players to perform at their highest level year-round. The Next Level Training method has been developed for competitive players who have a desire to improve their foot skills, decision-making, fitness, goal-scoring abilities, and their Soccer IQ. 

The Next Level Training program allows players to improve their speed of play, foot skills, first touch, creativity, strength, agility, attacking moves, and finishing. Not only will each player grow their skills individually, they will also be placed in a high-intensity environment with a full field and small-sided games that mimic real game situations. The Next Level Training Program also includes Challenger’s iChallenge Camp Skills app which allows its users to improve their skills pre- and post-camp with the help of a personal virtual coach that provides unique feedback to each user. 

What comes with the Next Level Training package?

  • Next Level jersey and short
  • Next Level Training t-shirt
  • Next Level soccer ball
  • Personal evaluation
  • TopYa Juggling Club sampler 
  • FREE Virtual Coaching on iChallenge Camp Skills

What are the time offerings?

Half-Day Camp – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday through Friday

Full-Day Camp – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Monday through Friday. 

If these times do not work for your organization, custom created camps are available!

Register in January and Save $10

3. Next Level Skills Combine Soccer Camp

This brand new soccer camp was constructed to help players improve their 1v1 skills moves! Work with our international staff to learn 21 of the top skills used by professional players and improve the confidence of your players in key game moments.

Being able to confidently perform skill moves in games is not only going to help players look better on the field, but it will also help them score more goals, open space for other players on the field, and will allow expression of creativity more freely! At the skills combine, we hope to spark a love for the skillful side of the game by providing players with simple in-game moves and combinations that work for the world’s professional players. There is only so much time coaches can spend on certain areas of the game, and in-game skill moves are one of the aspects that can, unfortunately, get left behind. For just $99, players work with us for a week and confidently stride away with dozens of new skill moves to gain the edge they need!

Register in January and Save $10

4. TinyTykes Soccer Camp

TinyTykes Preschool Soccer

Our popular TinyTykes program has been specially designed by childcare specialists and features fundamental soccer activities, games, and interactive stories and adventures specifically to develop technical skills along with physical and social development in players ages 2-5. TinyTykes inspires a love for learning, and hopefully the next generation of soccer players and enthusiasts.

Register in January and Save $10

5. GK ICON – Goalkeeper Training Camp

Our camp offering and innovation never ends. We are thrilled to launch our new specialized goalkeeper camp, focused on the development of goalkeepers within the ages of 8-18. This camp curriculum has been developed by professional and international goalkeepers worldwide and provides the latest and greatest training, coaching, and equipment to help goalkeepers optimize their abilities. 

With franchises around the world, GK ICON is the leading provider of professional goalkeeper training on a global scale. Our mission is to help develop the next generation of goalkeepers. At each day of camp, you will see the improvement in your goalkeeper abilities from top to bottom with the help of our pro-level coaches. 

At camp, we focus on the key fundamentals and skills that allow goalkeepers to dominate the net. Players will work on stopping shots, handling and footwork, diving technique, crossing and distribution, decision-making, and how to stop 1v1 attacks.

Register in January and save $10!

Also, stay tuned as we will have more exciting information to share on our SoccerPlus ID Camps!

Some of our favorite recent reviews

“This was the first time my son has done a soccer camp, but it was well worth it. The director was organized and got to know each child. The skills presented were age and level appropriate as well. My son enjoyed scrimmage. It was great to see all the kids learning while playing. They hardly recognized that skills were being taught. We will definitely do this again.”
August 4, 2019 – Geri Fink

“Vincent learned a lot, he was always happy to go. Thank YOU :)”
September 5, 2019 – Jenny Glikman

“The leaders were excellent! My 9-year-old son loves soccer and enjoyed going every morning. The activities were fun, engaging and well planned. He wasn’t bored, felt challenged and definitely left the week with some new and stronger skills. I would definitely recommend this program to other kids with a love for this sport.”
October 7, 2019 – Tina Wiens

“This is my 3rd year of camp with my 7-year-old son and the 1st for my 4-year-old son. Challenger Sports continue to impress with the quality of the camps and the coaches that it produces. I sure hope that the city of Pismo Beach is looking to not only continue this great program but continue to offer more opportunities throughout the year. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the personal attention the coaches provide and the creative ways they get the kids involved with the instruction. Watching both of my boys respond to the coaches throughout the week is a true testament to how good they are at what they do.”
July 18, 2019 – Ryan Maxwell

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