Challenger Hall of Fame

Challenger Family,

Earlier in the year, CEO Paul Lawrence and our Senior Management Team discussed the idea of Challenger Sports having its own Hall of Fame. We want to create a “where are they now” story for each great employee we have had during our 30 years of business.

For example, we have ex-coaches who are managers at professional clubs, coaches that are managing national teams at all levels, coaches who are now CEOs in hugely successful companies, amongst many many many other things.

What we would like you to do is have you open your little black books and send the template below to all the Challenger employees that you are still in touch with to complete. Whether this is by email, Facebook, any other means of contact that you have with these ex Challenger coaches, please ask them to complete this information and send it back! 🙂

Your name:

The Year (s) that you worked for Challenger Sports:

Region/Regions that you worked for Challenger Sports:

Where are you now in the world/your current role/your current position:

In no more than 100 words how Challenger aided you in what you do today:

Nickname (if applicable):

Favorite football/soccer team:

Whom you would nominate for the 2020 Hall of Fame Entry:

Email address: If you are happy to share this- if not, then no worries!

Also, if possible, please include a high-resolution photo & or short 30-second video of yourself in your working attire, whether that be coaching kit or a shirt and tie or any type of uniform. The photo will be used for our Hall of Fame, and the videos will be used for digital media, promoting the fantastic things our current and former staff are doing in the world!

The aim of this is to create a contact book that will be shared with everyone who responds, then create a Hall of Fame at our Headquarters in Kansas, and ultimately to put people back in touch with those that they may have coached with way back when or recently.

We hope that this will grow, develop, and will showcase what a fantastic company Challenger is to work for, what amazing people worked/work for Challenger, and how it has helped individuals develop and enhance them in the role that they are in now.

Please send the above template to Ben Beer:


with your picture and or video, and we hope by October, you will start to see this all coming together!

Please share! We look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,
Challenger Sports HQ

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