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Major NCAA recruiting changes (5/20/2019) -   The NCAA is shaking things up with some major recruiting changes. Effective May 1st, the D1 Council has implemented new rules that will significantly impact players in the 9th and 10th grades. The new rules basically eliminate all forms of communication between a D1 coach and a prospective student-athlete until June 15th leading into their Junior Year.     While it may be a step in the right direction in helping to curb the negative effects of early recruiting, this rule adds considerable stress to proactive families by shrinking the total recruiting timelines by 2 years.     With the rule changes, most ... Read More
What you need to know about choosing a soccer camp. (3/6/2019) - In addition to helping develop your child’s skills and understanding of the game, summer camps are extremely valuable for young players to develop socially. Children have to learn how to separate from their families and become resilient and independent learners. Attending a summer soccer camp gives them a safe way to take safe first steps towards this goal. Whether it is a day camp or a residential camp, the experience broadens your child’s life experiences and often taps resources they have never had to call on before.  Camp pushes children out of their comfort zone and exposes them to new ... Read More
Challenger Foundation (11/30/2018) - Challenger's goal is to bring smiles to the faces of 10,000 children through a program of funded camps, clinics, and year-round coaching.  In 2019, Challenger coaches will provide coaching and mentorship in a number of U.S. and international cities, helping provide those children who cannot afford to participate in organized sport, with the opportunity to play, learn, and have fun! Challenger Sports is now a proud partner with the Global Orphan Project and we share their vision to care for children the world has left behind and prevent child abandonment. We also share their mission to provide support and care ... Read More
Everything in Soccer (11/30/2018) - Everything in Soccer will bring together the soccer community from North America where key aspect of the game will be discussed over two days of action packed debates, discussions, demonstrations, social networking and much more. The event will feature 4 key themes; Stimulation, Education, Innovation and Regulation.   Soccer has now become the number 1 sport with the youth of Canada (200,000 more children are playing Soccer opposed to Hockey - In one of the largest markets for the game of soccer (Canada) the opportunities are unlimited to be apart of the game no matter what the sector. The time is now to ... Read More
SoccerEx in Miami Nov 2018 (8/15/2018) - Challenger Sports are proud to announce a partnership with the leading professional soccer networking event in the World! Soccerex have been bringing together the global soccer industry to network in a unique commercial environment for over twenty years. From industry leading networking events across the globe to market insight campaigns, they provide a platform to connect your business with the game's key stakeholders. Just like Challenger, Soccerex are committed to growing the beautiful game around the world and their love of the beautiful game is truly at the heart of everything they do. Soccerex USA will be held in Miami on ... Read More
Post your photo and win! (3/27/2018) - One of Challenger's official partners, United Soccer Coaches, which has one vote as an associate member at U.S. Soccer's National Council that will decide the presidential election on Feb. 10, has issued a call for the candidates to unite the entire soccer family. Its statement, signed by new president Lesle Gallimore, CEO Lynn Berling-Manuel and other United Soccer Coaches leaders, asks that the eight candidates pledge to support five points: As a voting member of U.S. Soccer, United Soccer Coaches has watched the unfolding of the presidential election with optimism. We do not know who will win this election, but on behalf of ... Read More
Need help with soccer parents? (4/17/2018) - Challenger Sports has teamed up with soccer parenting expert (and former SoccerPlus coach) Skye Eddie Bruce to help our partner clubs deal with one of the most important issues in the game - PARENTS! I founded the Soccer Parenting Association (Soccer Parenting) to improve youth soccer by empowering parents to help their child’s soccer experience be inspiring. In addition to being a youth soccer parent myself, I am also a youth coach, a coach educator for United Soccer Coaches and the Changing the Game Project, a Board member, and a former top level player. I have had amazing coaching mentors, ... Read More
Coach Tony DiCicco given US Soccer’s highest honor! (1/4/2018) - Former U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Tony DiCicco, who passed away last June, has been posthumously named the winner of U.S. Soccer’s prestigious Werner Fricker Builder Award.
How to be a good soccer parent! (4/17/2019) - Being a positive role model for your child, sounds like it should be easy, however even the most placid parent can get carried away in the heat of competition and within the ultra competitive team environment created by over zealous club programs. Do not comment on every moment of your child’s game, and when you feel the need to say something, make sure it is positive and encouraging. Don’t talk badly about competitors, criticise teammates or officials, and do not openly second-guess the coach. There are enough uninformed critics in the stands hurling insults at kids playing a game, so ... Read More
Challenger to help Around the World! (11/29/2017) - Program Founder Stephen Schirra explains exactly what Around the Worlds, Around the World does for children across the globe. "Around the Worlds, Around the World is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects children from extreme circumstances all over the world to the game of soccer, using it as a platform to instill positive change while fostering joy and hope.
Premier League Soccer Experience! (11/2/2017) - This tour is a true football experience of a lifetime for both teams and players ages U10 to U18! Based in Southampton at Southampton FC Academy, England, this tour combines visiting local historical and cultural sites with a superb football playing and training environment.
Win 12 months of soccer support for your club! (10/20/2017) - Challenger Sports recently joined six other like-minded soccer-based companies to form an alliance. Our goal? To collaborate for the betterment of soccer in the United States! This alliance – Solving Soccer, led by Ryan Hodgson of US Coaches Club, began by creating a website containing numerous resources for youth soccer organizations to improve the quality of services they provide for their players, parents, and coaches.
New GK Icon gloves now available! (10/13/2017) -  The new GK Icon glove range is now available! Challenger’s GK Icon is the fastest growing goalkeeper franchise in the UK. GK Icon franchises have now opened in the US and they are an official partner of our residential goalkeeper and field player camp – SoccerPlus! The impressive range of GK Icon gloves have just been delivered to our warehouse and are ready to ship! Our GK Icon gloves have been meticulously designed and engineered to provide goalkeepers of all ages and abilities with the ultimate in goalkeeping. From superior comfort and innovative technologies we have it all under affordable prices across a ... Read More
Learn Futsal from Brazilian Experts! (10/6/2017) - Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports for soccer players, coaches, and clubs. According to a FIFA report, “an average 40-minute futsal game, a player will touch the ball roughly every 29 seconds, or 80 total touches.” Now compare that to a 90-minute outdoor soccer game where players only make around 30-40 touches.
60 Experts, 40 Days, 1 Goal…Solutions for your sports (2/27/2019) - Challenger Sports are very excited to share details of an amazing project we are working on with 60 other passionate youth sports leaders. The 2019 GO! Chase Excellence Think Tank to Improve Youth Sports brings together the world’s leading experts in the many fields that impact youth sports. This isn’t your typical online summit or in-person conference. The focus is not to dwell on what is not working. Rather, it is to offer targeted presentations and discussions that deep dive into science, research, and professional practice to identify practical ideas for easily implemented change by participants. It will change the ... Read More
How Soccer in the US is organized! (10/16/2017) - International, Professional, Amateur, Collegiate & Youth Soccer From top to bottom throughout soccer in the US, there are numerous acronyms for the many leagues, divisions, and sanctioned affiliate groups. Here is a guide that will help you better understand the organization and structure of the sport within the United States.  FIFA The world of international soccer is governed at the highest level by The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA’s membership now comprises of 211 national associations. Member countries must each also be members of one of the six regional confederations into which the soccer world is divided. CONCACAF ... Read More
Challenger Sports & Soccer Office Announce Official Partnership (10/3/2017) - Challenger Sports is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the world’s leader in Virtual Sports Administrative Services.

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