Challenger Sports recognizes that kids today learn and play in a very different way than they did several years ago.

Gone are the endless hours of horse, front yard battles, and street corner pick up games, where fundamental skills were honed through repetition and peer group modeling. Today’s youngsters will spend more time each week indoors playing video games than they will spend practicing their chosen sport. Those who do play basketball at an early age are frequently thrown into competitive play and learn formations and set plays before mastering the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing defending and shooting.

RAISE YOUR LEVEL BASKETBALL TRAINING will provide boys and girls with a solid grounding in both fundamental and advanced skills, tactical understanding, and life principles that bring instrumental value to both athletic and personal performance.

RAISE YOUR LEVEL BASKETBALL Director is Al Collins, a former player and vastly experienced youth club and high school coach and an author of the Challenger NEXT LEVEL BASKETBALL curriculum. Coach Collins and his staff will deliver motivating and encouraging instruction in an environment that encourages players to be their best, and that ignites a passion for the sport of basketball.

RAISE YOUR LEVEL BASKETBALL CAMPS will provide players ages 6 to 16 with an engaging, educational, and entertaining camp experience. Our highly regarded camp staff will help your young player learn, practice, and master the skills they need to be more effective in games, which in turn will lead to them having more fun and growing in confidence!

Each camp will provide players with a total game makeover!

Individual defending
One on one moves
2 v 1, 3 v 2 tactics
Fast breaks
Team defense

We believe that players who enjoy the game and who become confident in their own ability, will play harder, train better, and will achieve their true potential and play the sport for many more years to come!