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Challenger understands that players, coaches, parents and administrators all have different needs and priorities, and by listening to our customers for over 25 years we have created a TOTAL SOCCER company that caters to everyone involved in the game. Challenger Sports is owned and operated by some of the most experienced soccer people in the country and our team of 13 offices and 150 full time now provides a comprehensive range of services and products that inlcude:

British Soccer Camps – International soccer coaching with a cultural, educational and character building twist!

TetraBrazil Soccer Academy –  Soccer coaching with the authentic flair, passion, and creativity of Brazilian soccer.

SoccerPlus Camps – Residential and Day Camps for competitive goalkeepers and field players from the staff of World Cup winning coach Tony DiCicco.

One Week One Passion Soccer Programs – A new training program focusing on speed, agility, advanced technique and quickness of play.

Female Development Camps – A training program dedicated to the development of the female player coached by great female role models.

Challenger Soccer Academy – Professional trainers and player development programs for teams and clubs during the fall and spring season.

TinyTykes – An innovative pre-school soccer program that introduces young children to the game through stories, games, music and skill building activities.

Challenger World Tours – An industry leading operator of exclusive, custom created soccer tours to Great Britain, Europe, Brazil and the USA.

Challenger Tournaments – We operate our own professionally run events and provide tournament management for clubs looking to expand their own events.

Challenger Teamwear  – We manufacture, decorate and sell soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball uniforms, and also are the 2nd largest distributor of Under Armour soccer products in the country.

The Right People

Approximately 1,200 British and 100 Brazilian coaches are selected by Challenger’s overseas staff, from over two thousand potential candidates. They are all committed and talented coaches, but more importantly they love children and understand how we teach new skills, build confidence and have fun all at the same time!

Teaching the Right Things
To build confidence in players, it’s not enough to just have a great curriculum with the best people teaching it. You have to teach the techniques and tactics in a way that motivates the players to want to practice and to want to improve. Challenger has created a unique teaching methodology that incorporates a progressive series of practices where increased levels of pressure, added restrictions and game-like competition are introduced as players become comfortable with the skill being taught.

Teaching the Right Way
After 20 years of research in over 2,000 communities in the USA and Canada, Challenger has developed an innovative way of coaching your players that revolves around fun, personal challenge, maximum participation and constant positive feedback. The Challenger Way not only addresses the technical, tactical, physical and psychological requirements of the game at each age level, but more importantly it focuses on the child as an individual!

  • We question players to understand the solution to the challenges  they face
  • We provide positive feedback and encouragement at every step of the learning process
  • We encourage players to communicate and think for themselves
  • We challenge players to compete against themselves and to focus on improvement
  • We know how to make traditional practices more fun
Challenger Sports began running summer soccer camp in 1985, as British Soccer Camps, a division of All American Indoor Sports Inc. All American operated a number of multi-purpose indoor soccer facilities and was owned by Ron Matsch and Jim Jorgensen. Ron and Jim also founded Discovery Zone Inc., an indoor playground and fun center for children, that went on to achieve international success.

The British Soccer Camp program quickly grew throughout the Midwest, expanding into Oklahoma, Tennessee and Georgia, and establishing a reputation of delivering quality coaching with a unique British cultural twist.

On October 1, 1997, Challenger Sports was created by Ron Matsch, Jim Jorgensen, Peter Arch, Alan Jones and Andy Bennett and the company acquired the operations of British Soccer. Gearing up for nationwide growth of the British Soccer Camp program and for further expansion into other elements of the soccer industry, Challenger Sports quickly recruited Paul Lawrence and Derek Shoare who at the time were President and Vice President of the largest soccer camp company in the United States.

Challenger built a quality staff of full-time Regional Soccer Directors, and within two years had established a network of offices throughout the United States. Challenger also invested heavily in the United Kingdom and were the first United States-based soccer company to set up a full-time recruitment and training operation in Britain.

Challenger’s investment was quickly rewarded as the British Soccer Camp program grew by over 47 percent in 1998 and then grew a further 71 percent in 1999! Since then, the company has continued to grow steadily each year, and Challenger now runs over 3,500 British Soccer Camps for 120,000 children and also coaches a further 50,000 players on their rapidly expanding year round Club Trainer programs.

More recently, Challenger established a sister company to manufacture and sell soccer uniforms directly to the United States soccer community. By eliminating several stages of the traditional importer/wholesaler/retailer chain, Challenger is able to do direct-to-market with an incredible uniform at a fantastic price.
Challenger now finds itself with a nationwide network of clubs, coaches, players and parents, and a broad base of soccer products and services that just about covers anything that you could wish to find in the soccer world. Challenger Sports really is your “Total Soccer Company.”

Oct 2009 – Challenger Sports acquired TetraBrazil Soccer Academy. TetraBrazil, based out of Rio De Janeiro, has been providing their unique Brazilian style coaching to players in the US for 10 years. TetraBrazil coaches are all Brazilian and their camp program helps US youngsters learn the skills, moves, and tactics that made Brazil the most successful soccer nation of all time. Challenger will coordinate the sales and operations of the TetraBrazil camps in the USA and will set up an office in Rio de Janeiro handling coach recruiting, professional training and player identification and representation.

As Challenger Sports continues to expand our footprint overseas, we are very excited about the opportunity it now gives us to recruit talented and enthusiastic coaches from other countries!

Our camp curriculum has always been a collection of the best coaching ideas from Europe, South America, and North America and campers have always loved the cultural elements of the camp and the international flavor or our World Cup. We are now pleased to be able to enhance this truly global soccer experience by having coaches from a wide range of countries join us to share their knowledge and passion for the game with our 200,000 participants!

Challenger Sports’ summer camps and year-round coaching programs will now boast an incredible team of coaches from Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Brazil, USA and Canada as well as our traditional team of Brits from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. This diversity of experiences and cultures reflects the truly global nature of the sport and this international team of coaches all have one thing in common — a genuine interest in helping with each player’s development and providing memorable and positive experiences through soccer.

For information on Challenger Sports Franchise and partnership opportunities throughout the world please visit https://challengersportsglobal.com

20 years ago, we had a vision to create a sports company that would positively impact the lives of children throughout North America. Many years, multiple continents and several hundreds of thousands of soccer players later, we are still committed to our original mission and core beliefs.

“To Ignite In All Children A Passion For Sports.”

Whether it is taking part in a camp, clinic, tournament or tour, or putting on a new uniform, we want to inspire children to want to play, learn, improve, and have fun!

C – Child Care And Safety
H – Honesty, Integrity, And Trust
A – All For One, And One For All
L – Leadership By Good Example
L – Laughing, Smiling, Happy Faces
E – Everyone Plays
N – Never Give Up
G – Goal Driven
E – Excellence In All
R – Resource Number One, Our Staff!

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