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What is the difference between a Challenger Sports camp and other camps I could send my child to?
Challenger’s camps are staffed by coaches from Great Britain and Brazil who are selected and trained specifically to give your child the best possible camp experience. The camp curriculums have been created to maximize your child’s contact with the ball and provide the maximum opportunity to learn. In addition to some serious coaching, we weave in just the right amount of fun and cultural education to make this a magical week for your child.

How long do summer camps last?
Summer programs take place from June-August and last for one week. The players will meet at the same time and place every day (M-F) that week for camp.

What are “Academy” programs?
Academy programs take place during the spring and fall and are typically 6-8 week long instructional programs that meet once or twice a week (depending on the program).

What’s the difference between British Soccer camps and TetraBrazil camps?
Both camps provide similar technical coaching to mostly the same age group, however, each has a very unique cultural emphasis and teaching style influenced by their coaches.

British Soccer
The British Soccer Camp will help players develop improved core skills, teach them new fakes and moves, and features World Cup style games each day where campers are encouraged to learn about the customs and cultures of different countries. ***see cheat sheet for further details

The TetraBrazil camp is heavily influenced by the Brazilian culture and will include warming up to music, practicing skills to a samba beat, learning Portuguese words and numbers, and the curriculum will focus heavily on individual footwork and skills. *** see cheat sheet for further details.

First Kicks – One hour per day, ages 3-4
The innovative program was created by childcare specialists to introduce children to the very basic skills of soccer. First Kicks activities will include running, turning, stopping, kicking, throwing and catching and will help improve balance, agility, coordination and social skills.

Mini Soccer – One and a half hours per day, ages 4-6
The Mini Soccer camp will provide children with a wide variety of individual and small group practices which will help them develop the fundamental technical aspects of the game such as: dribbling, turning, stopping, passing and shooting. The practices are coached in a positive and upbeat way and feature lots of fun games and competitions that the kids love!

Half Day Camp – 3 hours per day ages 6-16
This is our most popular camp program and will feature individual skill development, core techniques, one on one skills, freestyle soccer and small sided games. This program is suitable for all skill levels and the campers will be separated by age.

What if I have children taking half day camps in different age groups – will they learn the same things?
Each age range will follow a separate program, however both programs will include individual footwork exercises, pairs and small group practices, small sided games, coached scrimmages and the Camp World Cup.

Full Day Camps – 6 hours per day, ages 8-18
A more advanced camp for serious players which will follow the half day camp syllabus in the morning and then will focus on game related techniques, tactical development and coached match play in the afternoon.

I have a child taking a full day camp – is the lunch break supervised?
If your child has a one hour break between camp sessions, the Challenger staff will normally be on hand to supervise lunch (campers bring their own sack lunch). Please check with your Regional Director for more details.

Golden Goal – 2 hours per day, Mon-Thurs., ages 6-14
This is an optional bonus camp session for half day campers which will feature a more relaxed and fun series of games, competitions and scrimmages.

Typically, how many children will work in a group with one coach?
Historically we average around 12 players to one coach, however on occasions this may be higher.

Do you offer child care before or after camp?
No, our coaches are not able to provide this service.

Who should I call if the weather is bad during camp?
Please refer to the 10 reminder you received via email for details about camp and your Regional Director’s contact information.

I am the coach of a team, can you provide a camp for my players?
Absolutely, we can create a camp specifically for your team. We will send you a team analysis sheet so that you can help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Please contact your local Challenger Regional Director for more details.

What is the host family program?
This is one of the most popular parts of our camp program. If you would like to host a coach for the week, please contact your local Regional Director. The sooner you contact them, the more chance you have of hosting!

Who can I talk to further about camps?
For general questions call our customer service team 1-800-878-2167 ext. 239 or email
For questions regarding a specific camp, please contact your local Challenger Regional Director.


How do I search for a camp?
From the homepage, click on “search for a program” in the top left corner of the page.
On the next screen you can choose to search for a specific camp type or “all summer camps” (for programs running June-August) or “all academy programs” (for programs running September-May)
Enter your zip code/postal code and then click the “search for a program” button to view all the camps in your area. You can then click on each of the individual camp names in blue to view the sessions available within that program, times, prices, age restrictions, etc. Click the “view/register” next to a session for more details. To register, scroll down the page to input your participant’s information. You may register as a guest or set up an account to save time on future registrations. Select “add to cart” at the bottom right of the page to continue through the registration process. If you are still having difficulty, we can be reached at 1-800-878-2167 ext. 239.

I cannot find the camp I am looking for?
If you’re having difficulty finding a camp in your area, refer to the “How do I search for a camp?” section above. If you are a resident of Canada, be sure to type in your code in all caps with a space after the third letter like this: V1N 3B2

What the latest I can register?
You can register up until the first day of camp, if there are still open spots available (camps do fill up so be sure to register early!). There is a $10 late fee that is applied to registrations processed within 10 days of the start of camp.

If I cancel due to a conflict in our plans, do I lose my entire registration fee?
No, you will only lose the non-refundable deposit of $40 as long as you cancel at least 10 days prior to camp. If you cancel within 10 days of camp you will forfeit the entire camp fee.

Do I need to pay the total amount on registering or can I pay later?
Payment in full is required at the time of registration or the registration will not be complete.

Does Challenger Sports provide scholarships for camps?
Challenger does not provide scholarships for campers. Please contact your local soccer organization hosting the camp to explore scholarship opportunities through them.

How do I enter a promotional code?
Should you be granted a scholarship through a recreation department, you will be given a code than can be entered (copy & pasted) on the payment page of registration and your order total will be adjusted.

My credit card was declined, my next step?
To ensure your financial security online, we will not be able to process cards with mismatched billing addresses (even if this works for you on other websites). So should your card come up as declined, try an older billing address. Even if you’ve not moved recently or have updated your address with your bank, more often than not a different address will fix the problem!

Who should I contact if I need to cancel or make a change to my camp registration?
Please contact customer service at 800-878-2167 – Dial “7” for Challenger Sports then “1” for Customer Service.

I thought youth programs were tax free in Canada?
Generally, day and recreation programs primarily for kids under 15 are not subject to SHT/HST/QST only when provided by charity, NPO, municipality, school authority, or a public college/university. Since we at Challenger Sports are none of the above, we are put in the same category as fitness clubs, for-profit programs, etc. And the soccer programs are taxable as directed by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Why is the free jersey showing up as $34.95?
The British soccer and TetraBrazil promotional jerseys are an incentive for early registration and are free (pay only $7.95 S&H in the U.S., $8.95 in Canada) if registration is completed more than 45 days prior to the start of your camp. If you sign up after this date, the jerseys are still available but at the regular price of $34.95. If you are registering before the deadline, the price of the jersey will show up in your cart on the discount line like this: (34.95) which means that this amount will not be applied to your total.

What do I do if I do not want the free replica jersey?
If you do not wish to pay the $7.95 shipping for the free replica jersey ($8.95 in Canada) simply select “no thank you” from the drop down box where the sizes are listed. If you do not see “no thank you” as an option, give us a call at 1-800-878-2167 ext 239 and we’d be happy to take care of that for you.

I ordered a free ball and shirt with my registration but haven’t received anything in the mail.
A free soccer ball and t-shirt are given with most of our summer programs. These items are not shipped to your home but given out on the first day of camp. Only the promotional jersey (should you choose one) and any additional merchandise ordered are shipped to your residence.

What happens if we sign up for camp late? Does my child still receive a ball and shirt?
Your child will receive a ball and shirt, however not on the first day of camp. Please bring a ball until your child's new camp ball arrives.

How do I change the size on a merchandise item you shipped me?
RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Must be done within 30 days of receiving merchandise. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your exchange.
If you have ordered the wrong size, please ship the items back in their original packaging and include a note with instructions for the size required.
Challenger will ship the replacement items back at no additional cost in appreciation of your business.
Merchandise questions/returns to: Challenger Sports, 3122 S24th Street, Kansas City, KS, 66106.

Our Partners/Additional Programs

As the former Head Coach of the US Women’s National Team, Tony DiCicco has coached the United States to World Championships in the 1996 Olympics and the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 2008, he won his 3rd World Championship as a head coach, guiding the US U20 Women’s National Team to the FIFA U20 World Cup.
With a ratio of eight players to each coach, SoccerPlus staff will expand the technical, tactical, physical and mental soccer abilities of players while delivering success and building self-esteem on and off the soccer field. It is not a coincidence that SoccerPlus Alumni are now playing in Major League Soccer, Women’s Professional Soccer, US National Teams, International Clubs and top Collegiate Programs. Great coaches Make Every Minute Count!

The Performance Program - Goalkeepers will receive focused and dedicated training in all aspects of the position. In addition to the strongest curriculum for goalkeeper technique in the country, the new SoccerPlus Performance program brings an increased level of tactical instruction in game-like situations for an even more comprehensive learning experience.
National Training Center (NTC) - For our most advanced goalkeepers—Experience a curriculum designed to develop your technical skills, understanding of position, physical conditioning and mental strength. (Minimum age 15, see website for further requirements).
Advanced National Training Center - Invitation-only event for collegiate goalkeepers and youth goalkeepers competing with a top club or on a regional, national or international scale.
Field Player Academy - Train and learn the soccer skills needed in every aspect of the game in an environment with quality goalkeepers! Students will be able to test their skills immediately in game-like situations with goalkeepers from our Goalkeeper School. New for this summer – TECHNICAL
Team Camps - At any Field Player Academy program, we can train your entire team and give you a heads up on your upcoming season. Minimum of 12 players and we Guarantee a top coach and a “cutting edge” team curriculum.
2 Week Program - For our most comprehensive educational experience, join us for two consecutive weeks combining any two of our one-week goalkeeper or field player programs.
For more information about SoccerPlus programs near you please visit or contact Eric Ploch; or 800-878-2617 ext. 265

The Complete Player Soccer Camp is a truly unique four day program that combines expert soccer coaching with a positive Christian character message.  The unique curriculum each day consists of core soccer development and character growth with Biblical connection to leave lasting impact.
Our Complete Player coaching staff is hand selected and trained in in our CPS 3 Dimensional Coaching philosophy which will maximize their impact on the field, in our off-field teaching and in your community.
Body – Coordination, Skill, Technical Ability
Mind- Confidence, Emotion, Motivation
Heart & Spirit - Christ Centered, Joy

Complete Player Feeds Camps - All Ages / All Levels. During the holiday season, our Complete Player Feeds Camp combines skills development, character & spiritual growth, and community service.
Complete Player Camp - Ages 6–14, Runs for 4 hours each day for 4 days. High quality coaching plus daily group discussions and devotions

Mini Complete Player Camp -
Ages 3–6, Runs for 1 ½ hours per day for 4 days. Skills development through fun games plus daily group engagement activities.

Complete Player Elite Camp - Ages 9–18, designed for the players and teams who are advanced and demand a more challenging curriculum. Runs for 4 hours each day for 4 days. Custom created camps addressing specific areas of need for teams and players. Our CP Staff will train the teams as high of a level of instruction as possible for the team and players attending.

For more information about Complete Player camps near you please visit

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