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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I need to cancel or make a change to my camp registration

Q. What is the difference between a British Soccer Camp and any other kind of camp I could send my child to?
A. Challenger's British Soccer Camps are staffed exclusively by qualified coaches from Great Britain who are selected and trained specifically to give your child the best possible camp experience. The curriculum has been created to maximize your child's contact with the ball and to provide the maximum opportunity to learn. In addition to some serious coaching, we weave in just the right amount of fun and British culture to make this a magical week for your child!

Q. What kinds of things will my 4-year-old child learn at camp?
A. The Challenger Mini-soccer Camp will provide your child with a wide variety of individual and small group practices which will help them develop the fundamental technical aspects of the game: dribbling, turning, stopping, passing and shooting. The practices are coached in a positive and upbeat way and feature lots of fun games and competitions that the kids love!

Q. I have children taking half day camps in different age groups - will they both learn the same things?
A. Each age range will follow a separate program, however both programs will include individual footwork exercises, pairs and small group practices, small sided games, coached scrimmages and the Camp World Cup.

Q. I have a child taking a full day camp - is the lunch break supervised?
A. If your child has a one hour break between camp sessions, the Challenger Staff will normally be on hand to supervise lunch. Please check with the local camp coordinator listed on your confirmation email or camp brochure for more details.

Q. I am the coach of a team; can you do something special for my players?
A. Absolutely, we can create a custom camp specifically for your team. We will send you a team analysis sheet so that you can help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Q. How do I find a camp in my area?
A. Simply click on the link on our home page and enter your zip code - you will see a list of all camps within 30 miles of your location.

Q. What if I have further questions regarding camps in my area?
A. Please contact your local Challenger Sports Regional Director, they are listed on the Contact Us page of the web site.

Q. Who should I call if the weather is bad during the camp?
A. Please contact your local camp coordinator who is listed on the front of your camp brochure and on your confirmation email if you signed up on line. If you cannot find their contact details please contact your local Challenger Regional Director.

Q. What happens if we sign up for camp late? Does my child still receive a ball and shirt?
A. Your child will receive a ball and shirt, however not on the first day of camp. Please bring a ball until your child's new camp ball arrives.

Q. Typically, how many children will work in a group with the one coach?
A. Historically we average around 12 players to one coach, however on occasions this may be higher.

Q. If I cancel due to a conflict in our plans, do I lose my entire registration fee?
A. No, you will only lose the non refundable deposit of $40 as long as you cancel at least 10 days prior to camp. If you cancel within 10 days of camp you will forfeit the entire camp fee.

Q. I notice that local families in the area have the British coaches stay at their homes. How do I get involved in that process?
A. This is one of the most popular parts of our camp program. If you would like to host a coach for the week, please contact your local camp coordinator. The sooner you contact them, the more chance you have of hosting!

Q. Do you offer child care before or after camp?
A. No our coaches are not able to provide this service.